Avira not updating automatically

The next question will ask if you want to create a restore point.6.

Next you will be asked of you want the drivers not required by the system to be removed, press Y so it doesn’t extract non related driver archives.

If you downloaded the Lite version the required driverpacks will need downloading.

All Driver Packs are only available as torrent files these days, so you will need a torrent client to get them or use an online service such as Bit Let.3.You need to identify the brand and model of the hardware and sometimes you even need to look for drivers using another computer when there aren’t any driver CD’s to hand.When using a slow Internet connection it can take ages to even find a driver for a specific hardware component never mind downloading it, which could be in the hundreds of Megabytes.First it will ask if you want to keep the drivers after install.Yes is useful to keep the drivers for future reference.

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avira not updating automatically-3

Once you have all the needed Driver Packs, they need to be copied into the correct folders inside the SAD folder.

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