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everyday life byti (jesm, jesi, jest, jesmo, jeste, sut; byl; budu)

purpose, goal, target, aim, destination cělkom adv.

hopeless (situation), desperate (situation) bezzaščitny adj.

kindly disposed; favourable, favorable, beneficial, propitious blagoslavjati

rebellion, revolt, uprising, insurgence buntovati se

floral; cvětna kapusta cauliflower; ~ pyl pollen cvětuči adj.

brother; ~ bliznec twin brother; ~ ili sestra sibling; ~a brethren bratati se

brotherly; braterska ljubov brotherly love brati (bere)

if, when; ~ by as if; in case; if; ~ li if; ~ ne unless akolada f.

timeliness, current event, immediate interest aktualny adj.

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