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Vicki explains to her brother that Katherine has instructed her to ring the bell every five minutes until Mystic Falls burns. She’d rather be dead and gone, which she will be once she rings that bell for the twelfth time. Back at the Salvatore mansion, Stefan and Damon are trying to figure out their next move.

So Matt, realizing he can’t stop his sister, activates the evacuation protocol citing a “gas leak.” The best part? As Damon puts it, Katherine “played the long game and finally beat us.” At least that’s what he thinks before he rounds the corner and sees that Elena’s coffin is empty. Damon rushes to Elena and picks her up in a hug before realizing something. After a “hello, brothers,” Katherine explains that Elena is still in her spiritual coma.

He’s getting the girls out of town, and he wants Caroline to come along.

Caroline tries using the classic, “It’s Elena” excuse that has worked so many times before, but now, Caroline has daughters who need her.

Plus, they're famous, and muggles often get freaked out by famous people.

So it's probably easier to fall for a fellow actor, as most normal Joes won't hack the whole "partner snogging someone but it's totally cool because we're acting" thing.

(Don't get us started on And so sometimes, not only will actors date fellow actors, but they'll date their on-screen partner.

She’s had Cade wrapped around her finger, which is why he showed such an interest in the Salvatores.Speaking about meeting Rose in Iceland, Kit said: "The country is beautiful, the Northern Lights are magical, and it was there that I fell in love."If you're already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it's becomes very easy to fall in love."Starred with each other: 1998 to 2003Dated: 1998 to 2000Katie and Joshua actually dated in real life before their characters got together in the show, having been in a relationship for the first couple of seasons.Years before she married Tom Cruise, Holmes revealed in a very sweet interview with back in 1998 that Joshua was actually her first love.Because frankly there aren't enough pixels in the world to deal with the rest of them, the saucy things.Starred with each other: 2012 to 2014Dated: 2012 to present Although they've kept it rather private, Kit and Rose began dating soon after she joined the cast as Jon Snow's enemy turned lover turned enemy Ygritte.

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