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Their are some very sexy men who dance there, like Robert Fairchild, Amar Ramasar (hot! If you live in NYC and you have never been, then go!They are fantastically talented and are routinely featured in the world's greatest choreography! All we get are repeats and threepeats of old rock groups and British comedies.Back in the early 70s, the then editor of CUE told me Mr. Jerry fucked friend and then post-coital, friend made mistake of wanting to discuss "Billion Dollar Baby". I've heard from various people that Jacques D'Amboise was very homophobic (even with respect to Robbins) and Le Clercq in an interview stated that "at least, Jacques liked girls". We agree though that his partnering of Farrell was good enough to make one of the greatest dancers ever known shine at her best. I didn't dance in NYC, but I was a ballet dancer from 6-25, pro from 16-25 and you are correct, R29 and R30.

Not much intelligence or wit or personality off the stage. At least most of the guys are gay with great bodies; I was proudly out at 15. Justin Peck supposedly was dating Teresa Reichlen but it ended... Agree that Peck comes off sexless - not really gay but gayish. Maria Kowroski is married to former Royal Ballet dancer Martin Harvey since 2011 and they have one child now.

Unlike dancers or actors, it doesn't matter what they look like or even if they have a whole lot of poise. Know many young actors and opera singers Personality and a sense of the world and history are really not a problem I was the one who noticed the sexlessness of beck.

I thought "my gaydar isn't going off "and the Ramasar guy really comes off as straight What I remember about ballet kids in the 70's was that they were very sharp and very sexual The documentary has zero insight energy conflict humor My only gossip, which isn't really gossip since Peck said it in a recent interview in the Times, is that Peck and Robert Fairchild were roommates at SAB and used to stay up all night playing Dance Dance Revolution.

I am a huge fan of the New York City Ballet and this couple Megan Fairchild (sister of dancer Robert Fairchild) and Andrew Veyette, were a golden pair - their 2011 wedding got a big writeup in the NY Times. Does anyone have any other gossip at all about the company and any of their dancers?

All of the dancers should be better known for their talent and looks - as the dancers once were - but now they don't get much press.

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Angel and Carmen stayed at ABT but Joaquin and Carmen divorced. We could talk about the marriage of Peter Martins and Darci Kistler - I have heard rumors that they do not live together and the marriage is open.

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